Religious Education

Our religious education program begins in kindergarten and culminates in tenth grade with Confirmation. The goals of our program are:

  • To develop an understanding of the Catholic faith and practices in the lives of the students and families.
  • To foster a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer.
  • To prepare the students to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation (Penance), Eucharist (First Holy Communion), and Confirmation.
  • To inspire a sense of responsibility for service to the church and community.


We use textbooks published by Loyola Press; a Jesuit ministry, in our program. They use a spiral curriculum to teach and reinforce various concepts of our Catholic faith.

Our classes begin in September and end in April. Progress reports are given to the students in January and on the last day of class in April.
Registration forms are available in the rectory, in the back of the church and on line. The registration fee is $50 for one child and $95 for more than one child. The fee can be paid all at once or in monthly increments. If case of hardship the fee may be waived after speaking with Father Kevin or Sam Marquez. Teachers in our program have their children’s fee waived and substitutes pay half of the full fee for their children.

samuelWe are always in need of people to help with our program, whether it be teachers or people to do clerical work. If you would like to help, please contact Sam Marquez at 203-260-0926 or All volunteers must have a background check and have attended a Virtus class given by the archdiocese.

Confirmation Program
Students who have successfully completed grades seven and eight are admitted to our two year Confirmation program. Children who attended parochial school or religious education programs at another church must present a letter from the church stating that grades seven and eight were successfully completed. Our intensive Confirmation program teaches our high school boys and girls more about their faith through Bible study, community service, and prayer.

All students must attend weekend masses and sign in, complete fifteen hours per year of community service, and attend classes regularly.

Confirmation is usually in the spring for our students.

CCD Programs and Events
Children’s liturgy
Every month our church has a children’s liturgy at one of our 10:30 masses. Younger children are escorted to St. Monica’s Hall for a child’s version of the gospel and readings. From October to April each class from grades 4 to 10 are assigned a children’s mass where they participate as readers, greeters, ushers, and gift bearers.

Thanksgiving Pie sale
This pie sale takes place the weekend before Thanksgiving and the proceeds benefit our CCD program. In the 2013 -2014 year we purchased a TV with a built in DVD player to use at the parish center. We also had enough money left over to let each class pick out a religious craft project to do during Lent.

Christmas Pageant
Children in grades kindergarten to grade 5 put on a Christmas pageant the Sunday before Christmas. The story begins with the annunciation and ends with the visit by the Magi. Our first Communion class has the main parts.

Child Lures Program
All children enrolled in our religious education program are required by the Safe Environment Office of the Archdiocese of Hartford to take part in the “Child Lures” program every year starting with first grade. New students will have the full program, while children who have had this program in previous years will do a review of key concepts with their teacher. The “Child Lures” program teaches the child to become aware of his/her environment and to recognize when there is a danger of sexual abuse. They also are taught what to do if confronted with a situation that is threatening and how to report it. Our goal is to keep our boys and girls safe.

First Communion and Confirmation Interviews
All First Communion and Confirmation students and their parents meet with Father Kombo to discuss the importance of being an active part of St. Augustine’s community and keeping Christ and his teachings part of daily life.

Confirmation Students’ Bake Sale
For the past several years our second year Confirmation students have held a spring bake sale with the proceed going to “Seymour Pink”.

Many of the items sold are baked in St. Monica’s Hall by our students and some of our former Confirmation students.

Stations of the Cross
Our Kindergarten to grade 10 children take part in the Stations of the Cross on Two Fridays during Lent. They do the readings for each station to help them learn about Christ’s passion and death.

Bible School
For the past several years our church has offered a week of Bible school in August. The children entering grades K to 4 spend a week cooking, playing games, singing, doing crafts and learning about a specific area of their Faith. Ms. Linda Bojarczyk is the leader assisted by other adults and a few high school students. The week ends with mass on the following Sunday where the children take part by doing the readings.

May Crowning
The statue of the Blessed Virgin is crowned by one of our Confirmation students on Mother’s Day. One of our First Communion students carries the crown. The rest of the First Communion students and Confirmation students take part in the procession.

First Penance
Our first Communion class is prepared and receives the sacrament of penance in the early spring.

First Communion
Third graders and those older students who have not received the sacrament of Eucharist are prepared to receive the sacrament in May.

Tenth grade students and adults who have prepared for Confirmation receive the sacrament in the spring. For several years in the past we have gone to Assumption Church in Ansonia for the Confirmation.